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Monday, November 22, 2010

Jane Swung by to Say Hello

Ladies, Jane came by to grab a MGD 64 and say hi. We're thankful she took some time out of her hectic schedule to enjoy some down time with us. Without too much further ado, we present to you what inquiring minds have wanted to know for a while now. In other words, here's what Jane has to say about what our inquiring minds want to know. Enjoy!


First off, thanks for roundin' up the questions! You all ask some good ones & I did my best to get you answers. Thanks also for following along with us- we love talkin' to you guys & appreciate the support! Without it, it'd just be back to Maura and me sittin' around and arguing over what goes in the dead fridge by ourselves ;)

The staff would like to know...

1.What were you like when you first became a homicide detective? Meaning, did you have similar issues to what we've seen in the documentary of Detective Frost, or have you always had the easy demeanor you do now as a detective?

A: Easy demeanor? ….Really? I’m takin’ that as a compliment.

Oh man...you really wanna know? I mean, when I first made it into homicide...well.... I wasn’t as nice as Frost, that’s for sure! It’s hard being the only woman in the place, and one of the few ever. Hard, but kinda something to be proud of, you know? At least my stomach’s always been stronger than his.

2.There seem to be some rumors regarding you and the FBI agent assigned to assist with the Hoyt case, Agent Gabriel Dean. Are there any truths to the rumors that you two considered dating, and what is the likelihood we might see something more on that later?

A: First off, that guy has the worst timing. I mean, it’s hard to go to a nice dinner with someone who only shows up to tell you your life is in danger. Second.....there’s rumors? About us? What...did he say something to you?

Really though, I just don’t know if that’s what I want now....my work’s my life, and it’s dangerous by nature. If I actually dated someone, they’d have to understand that.

3.We understand that Dr. Isles has recently learned from you how to properly hold a handgun. Are you or are there any plans to teach her how to properly use a hand gun?

She did, and I’m just glad she didn’t kill anyone. I must have been really tired to make that call....but she did look pretty badass, yeah?

To answer your question though, with our work it’s good to know how to protect yourself, but I hope it doesn’t become necessary. I mean, she’s a doctor, I’d like to think I could keep her safe while she does her job.

The Girls would like to know...

4.tbird1978 (Tara): Is Tommy a menace or just misunderstood?

I don’t want to call anyone in my family a menace....well unless you count Ma when Dad forgets to take out the trash for the third time. But we all make choices, and Tommy’s made some bad ones.

5. TheSaxyOne (Heather Snodgrass): How many times has Maura had to pop your nose back into place?

Haha! Luckily just that one time so far (it hurt!), but in my line of work it’s never bad to have the Doc around.

6. VMIKKI67 (Michelle Vanasdalan): What is your favorite down time activity that we don't know about from tweets and the documentary?

You mean besides tryin’ to catch up on sleep? Not much else really, but I have been known to dust off cold cases on slow weeks. It’s hard to relax knowing there’s families out there who might just....never know.

7. StephanieEvers: If, for some reason, you weren't able to be a detective, what would you do in life, profession and personal?

God, that’s a hard one. I mean, I worked so hard to get here it’s hard to imagine doing anything else. But, hmmm ..... I think when I was five, I wanted to be an explorer....Do those even exist anymore?

8. Msanimanga: (carla): What would you buy Maura for her birthday assuming that she won't read this and find out?

Good question, what do you get the woman who has everything...? Maybe a night out, she needs to get away from the dead fridge sometimes.

9. LiziJ1987: Do you believe in Soulmates?

I....I don’t know, I’d like to think there’s someone out there for everyone.

10. Gretchen_Witty (Lizzie Barrett): What did you name your baby African Spurred Tur...Tortoise?

Well, it was tempting to name him ‘Turtle,’ but for now I think “Watson” suits him better. That is unless we find out he’s actually a she....Maura says it’s hard to tell... I don’t want to presume ;)

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