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Monday, November 22, 2010

Maura Came for a Visit

Ladies, we have been fortunate enough to have a visit from our favorite doctor, and she was gracious enough to answer our most pressing questions! We are appreciative of the fact that she took time out of her busy schedule for us, and we want her to know how thankful we are for it. Truly, she's a very gracious lady. So, girls, please enjoy.


I believe this is everything--very interesting questions! And of course, thank you for compiling them and following. I do hope you enjoy your weekend.

@RizzoliQuotes (me..lol) wants to know if you ever let Jane drive that Mercedes of yours? Sorry Doc, that's a hot car you have there and if I were your partner, I'd be asking to drive it...a lot! LOL!

~As worrisome as it can be, sometimes.

@mindgrape (Rachel): where do u spend the holidays? Ever with the Rizzolis?

~Oh, well, you know how the holidays are...everyone is busy but the world hardly stops moving. I generally volunteer to be on call in order that those with families can spend the time with them, so if I’m not at home, I’m in my office.

@Gretchen_Witty (Lizzie Barrett): What are your absolute favorite pair of shoes? Or designer, either or is cool enough. =]

~Each pair of shoes is...really a work of art. Even the simplest black pumps can be intriguing or delicate or racy, and they all seem deceptively simple for the amount of care and effort put into them. Every pair I have is fascinating and beautiful, and they’re all a joy to wear because of just how marvelously different they are.

@3doorsfan: How did you two first meet, and what did you each think of each other given your differences?

~Jane and I first met at work, naturally. I can’t speak to what she thought of me, as I wasn’t exactly privy to it. But I thought she seemed very tough, maybe too tough, as if she were trying to compensate for...the world. And perhaps it was because of that that I thought she was temperamental... But of course I learned that Jane is simply that way. I respected her, though, for the job she does and the way she does it.

@tbird1978 Tara: Where did you buy that red coat?!! I've searched everywhere! :-)

~You know, I was an a conference for Forensic Pathology Research and Development in Nebraska, and I happened to pick it up at a little shop--a great find! I really...hmm...I can’t seem to remember the name of the shop, but the keynote speech about Unidentified Persons was absolutely fascinating. We really should do more to help expand and update the missing and unidentified persons databases, and as... It really is troubling that I can’t remember the name of the shop; I apologize.
@mindgrape (Rachel): Do you drink wine in bed with all of your friends, or just with each other? (Meaning Jane) Just curious because my friends don't do that.

~I didn’t get to have sleepovers as a child, and even now I don’t have a large circle of friends. I work a good deal, but it’s wonderful to have both a friend and colleague in Jane.

@TheSaxyOne (Heather Snodgrass): Maura, do you have any musical tastes that would surprise people who know you?

~I don’t have a lot of time to keep up with things that are new, and I prefer to listen to the news on the mornings when driving into work. Though, there are the times when I’m in the car with Jane, and I can’t say that some of the things in her...eclectic collection haven’t grown on me. Classical music, is of course, a favorite, and the impacts that it has on the brain--especially pieces from the Baroque and Classical eras--are incredibly fascinating. Really, the spectrum of what harmonically pleasing music does to our senses...well, it’s certainly something I enjoy reading about and contemplating while listening.

@VMIKKI67 (Michelle Vanasdalan): What is your favorite down time activity that we don't know about from tweets and documentary? Favorite actress?

~I enjoy cooking. The entire process from picking out the perfect ingredients to putting them all together. And isn’t that two entirely different questions in one? I’m not sure that’s within the rules...

@StephanieEvers: If for some reason you wouldn't be able to be a medical examiner, what would you do in life? Profession or otherwise.

~Oh, it’s so difficult to say. I’d like to think I’d be some sort of hands on researcher or another type of doctor, someone who works with facts and figures but still with her hands. Science is incredibly important to me; it’s very grounding, but I like seeing it at work, feeling things and discerning things with my hands in aid of reaching a goal, of solving an equation.

@LiziJ1987: Do you believe in Soul mates?

~Attraction is an immediately chemical response that we can’t control, and there is quite a bit that we can control that makes something grow into love. But there has to be the science. I’m simply unwilling to make a definite answer when I’m not sure something like a “soulmate” can really exist.

@msanimanga (Carla): How often do you use your office? And how often does Jane use it for naps?

~Naturally, I use my office every day. I do quite a bit of paperwork there, not to mention phone calls and research. And Jane...simply sometimes needs a quiet place.


  1. Andddd I'm pretty sure I love Maura Isles too. <3

  2. ha ha- I am from Nebraska and the stores ARE full of red coats!!
    Thanks for the interview. :-)