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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photo of the Day!

So the debate is...Deliberate or Accidental? Found Here


  1. I like to think someone put some thought into it.

  2. I bought a body pillow when Ipstenu went to Japan for two weeks. I know exactly the impulse that causes there to be an extra pillow on top of that bottom layer. "It's supposed to have breasts."

  3. those pillows that attempt to prop your head up on while having wild sex...very good thinking ;)

  4. isn't that just something to make you go hmmmm...wouldn't it be nice if it was deliberate?

  5. Guys, can you enlighten me? Whats up with the pillows?

  6. Okay Anon. I'll tell ya. Jane doesn't have Maura in the bed with her and she's missing her there. So to try to sleep as well as she does when her friend is sleeping next to her she put the stack of pillows there to act as Maura's body.

    I never noticed this until now n I really hope it was deliberate lol