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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rumors on Maura's Life on Season Two (Spoiler)

According to Sasha Fans Online, Dr. Isles will also have a recurring love interest.

A new love interest for Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) will be introduced when the series resumes on July 11th. In what could be a potentially recurring role, Isles hooks up with fellow doctor Byron Slucky, who has been acting as Rizzoli’s (Angie Harmon) trauma surgeon over the past several months. Wanting to get back to work, Rizzoli asks Slucky to clear her for active duty, but there’s some difficulty with her request.

We're not certain how we feel about this, but we are happy that Dr. Isles is at least getting some well deserved attention.


  1. I’m not sure how much farther Dr. Slucky goes past the 1st ep. Part of their ending conversation from the draft script: Maura: “Maybe there is another component. The mind is very powerful, she’s been through a trauma.” Dr. Slucky: “You are merely a Pathologist. She’s had expert care from a renowned trauma surgeon.” Maura: “Are you talking about yourself in the third person?” Dr. Slucky: “Are we angry?” *As Maura STEAMS, she finds his briefcase, SHOVES it at him* Maura: “We are. But thank you for reminding me why I never take surgeons.”

  2. ...*date surgeons*

  3. I'm glad Maura is getting some attention too, but the article also says that things get awkward when Jane goes over to Maura's house and sees this surgeon guy.
    I'm hoping Jane's jealous.

  4. first off, what kind of last name is slucky? ouch. and second off, it'll always come back to maura and jane haa!

  5. i need a hug from all these "love interests" rumors.. why can't just jane and maura be the love team?

  6. It's probably Slucky so we'll like him even less. I prefer Schmucky myself.

  7. Booooo! To love interests!
    We need RIZZLES ALL THE WAY!!!!
    that is all..