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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photo Challenge! Are you in?

Season 2 is fast approaching us, and, with it, comes a need. No, not that need (but, yes, that need, too). The need we're referring to, of course, is the need to see our ladies' bright, shining faces as wallpapers and screensavers to get us ready for the Main Event on July 11th.

We thought, perhaps, you ladies might pull out your creative sticks and come up with such a thing. In fact, we challenge you!

We challenge you to come up with a wallpaper that will show our ladies at their finest along with what you would like to see happen in Season 2.

Ground Rules:

- No Nudity (sorry, folks, let's keep this out of the X rated section)
- It must have both Jane and Maura (or Angie and Sasha) somewhere
- There must but at least one thing in the picture that demonstrates what you would like to see happen in season two. It doesn't have to be a photo manipulation of the ladies doing whatever it is, but there should be a representation of that idea somewhere.
- This must be a new photo manipulation/wallpaper/screensaver. If you've posted elsewhere before, please don't submit it here.
- You must post the photo somewhere all can see it without having to signup for an account.
- A link to the posted photo must be in the reply to this blog entry.
- All blog entries should be entered by Tuesday, June 28th.

Have fun, be creative, and let's see what we can come up with!


  1. Here's my entry! It's horrible. But at least I tried, right? Lol! http://twitpic.com/5fn3lo/full

  2. I kind of made two.
    This is my first try at making a manip, and my first try at making a wallpaper, and my editing skills aren't that great, but I tried.

  3. my entry: http://ficreadr.tumblr.com/post/6944659827/s2wallpaper

  4. I think I'm definately going to make a few for this tonight!! :D
    Is there a restriction on the number you are allowed to make?

  5. There are no restrictions on the number. The more the better!

  6. yay, I wanted so hard to make this look real, but...arg. here is one more try :) http://qwtz.tumblr.com/post/6991809618/oh-sweet-lets-go-show-them-our-pride-happy

  7. qwtx, your link is dead. Email us the pic, okay? rizzlesgirls@gmail.com