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Friday, June 17, 2011

Spoilers! Episode 9

An inside source tells us:

Episode 9 is titled "Gone Daddy Gone." Maura's dad might be connected with a case, and doesn't want to risk personal interest in the case.
We find this to be very exciting and interesting. It's always fun to see information to indicate more storylines telling us about Maura. We can't wait to see this! (Well, we can hardly wait to see all of it, but you know what we mean. ;-) )


  1. Oooooh, interesting. I loved the interaction between Maura and her father and was hoping he'd make another appearance!

    I also like that fact we have a spoiler that doesn't have anything to do with another love interest. ;)

  2. I hope for more information & some real character arc for Maura in Season 2. RADS comments in the June 9 RG blog about Maura spoilers really got me thinking about how Maura (who said in episode 108 that "I never asked for much..I don't think I knew how " ) might really grow. Fingers crossed!

  3. Good news everyone! (Sorry wrong show). But seriously, I'm really excited for this; for many reasons. I just hope they deal with what happened last time Maura and her Bio Dad squared off. SOMEONE made that call, an act that was not only against the law but Maura's expressed wishes. There was either some blatant disregard and/or some seriously lying from multiple people going on. I'm not saying it was the wrong decision (you do what you have to to protect family) but it certainly wasn't right and that's got to come with consequences of some sort.


    p.s. @liz Thanks for the shout out! Glad to know my sleep deprivation induced (and possibly drunk) ramblings made someone think! That's the highest praise you can offer an armchair philosopher.