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Friday, June 17, 2011

We Don't Need Another Hero

Ladies, you'll be excited to know that we may actually need another hero, and that hero is - naturally - Jane Rizzoli.

We can't say much, but we can tell you this:

Don't give up hope.

We've been let in on the first episode (possibly the second, we'll let you know), and all we can say is wow. There's a lot going down, but we see some serious story arcs coming at us. The oneliners are still kicking, and our favorite girls have still got it.

By it, of course, we mean subtext.

From the first scene to the very last scene, we see the strong relationship between Jane and Maura has gotten even strong, and we're not complaining in the least about it. We're also in for a treat as we see some interesting character growth with Frankie. Our favorite younger brother is growing up.

When July 11th gets here, we will not be disappointed. But, of course, we never thought we would be!

TNT: They Know Subtext


  1. You pathetic looser, as if you were able to watch it!Seriously get a life!You're a loser, really, stop pretending that you're important because you're not!

  2. I hate it when anonymous cowards CARP! So glad TNT sent you the screener (as leader of the RIZZLEGIRLS BLOG.) Also that the sub-text is still there! TNT DOES KNOW SUB-TEXT!

  3. Anonymous, you apparently didn't see the promotional video in which Tess Gerritsen speaks about her fans and mentions bloggers. TNT's very own sponsored video pans across the opening of this very blog.

    As they like to support their shows and get the word out about how awesome their shows are, TNT and other networks have these things called "press kits," which usually involve either emailed or snailmailed pamphlets/literature, and occasionally other materials, such as episode DVDs, that they send out to members of the press and other sources of free publicity. This blog is one such source of publicity.

    Accordingly, TNT sent the RizzlesGirls admin a DVD so they could watch it and tout the new series, which they're doing.

    The RizzlesGirls community is an open, pleasant place filled with respectful people. Become one of us by being respectful, or leave so that the rest of us can enjoy one another's genuinely friendly company. I'm sure all of us would rather you stayed and enjoyed yourself enough to drop the negativity, to be honest, but it's your choice.

  4. hi from Russia!

  5. MrsIpstenu... not from the press kit. Haven't seen one, but I'm sure the kit is chalked full of yummy goodness. Would be nice to see one of those bad boys.

  6. Ah, my bad. Still, I'm assuming some legwork was done. Glad you've seen it, and to be honest, I'm glad I haven't. On 11 July, I'll be really excited to sit and squeal with the season premiere instead of thinking, "Yeah, already caught that one." Not that I don't think your experience is a cool one to have, mind you.

  7. Oh my lerrd, what are we gonna derrr?

    I wish I could see it!

    I have a dream...

    and all of the rizzlesgirls website vistors will see said spoiler!

  8. Thank you for everything girls ;) It's good to read all those nice things about S2.

  9. I am so relieved the subtext is still there!! I was worried!

  10. "Ladies, you'll be excited to know that we may actually need another hero, and that hero is - naturally - Jane Rizzoli."

    I think Maura is a hero too...

    Great to hear the subtext isn't going away!