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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Drinking Game

We've heard about it. Sasha's talked about it. Janet's talked about it. We're pretty sure it's a moment of infamy in the Rizzoli & Isles fandom at this point. We decided it would probably be a good idea to make sure everyone had the rules because tonight's episode is one that we feel will be an excellent time to play the game.

In fact, Jane's even helping us along...

Without further ado, the Rizzoli & Isles drinking game as given to us by cherrygrrl.com

The Rules

The rules are fairly simple: one drink/shot of your choice every time one of the following criteria is met. In order to avoid inducing mass liver failure, you can limit the game to a 5 shot maximum. Knock one back every time:

1. Either Rizzoli or Isles tries to forcibly/awkwardly set the other up with a man, usually after spending the evening talk about each other – this also includes nudging each other to date someone of the male persuasion right at the end of a long, intimate scene between them.

2. Engaging in any stereotypical lesbian behavior – including softball, home repair, etc.

3. Friends/parents/relatives of Rizzoli and Isles trying to set them up with people other than each other.

4. Intimate dinners – including restaurant variety, home variety, and in any case where one cooks for the other and there are candles and wine present.

5. Sleeping in the same bed/couch/squad car – bonus, 2 shots.

6. Stares lasting longer than 3 seconds.

7. Adorable bickering which generally relates to sexual tension (use your best lesbian discretion).

8. One of them saying, “I’ll come along,” in a situation where she need not be present, and providing a dumb, unrelated reason for it. Example, “I’m going to interrogate a suspect.” “I’ll come…I’ve always liked the peanut M&Ms in the break room.”

9. Going out for drinks together and rebuffing/eliminating any and all male interaction.

10. Any character telling Rizzoli & Isles they “make a great team” with a straight face.

11. Complaining to each other about their inability to find a compatible mate, all while being completely compatible mates.

12. Rescuing/saving/protecting one another above and beyond the call of duty, especially when it involves excessive hugging and touching.

13. Touching hands for any extended length.


  1. Is this show was on Fridays or Saturdays I'd be up for the drinking game. A Tuesday morning hangover doesn't sound like much fun.

  2. going to have to restock up on brew just to make it through this season. LOL

  3. After looking the new episode and rewatching "I kissed a girl" I think "looking at each others boobs and/or checking each other out" should be on the list too! ;-)

  4. To TheSaxyOne- record the show and watch it on Friday or Saturday. Sounds like a fun drinking game!

  5. Well...the good thing about this game is that you only need Rule number 6 or 13 to get completly drunk by just watching one episode. So...after watching two episodes you need a doctor and after episode three, you need an undertaker. If you watch them in a row I mean. If you watch one episode per day, you are an alcoholic after day three :D