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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Healthy Child Event - Dessert Time

One of our girls, Carla (aka msanimanga), posted her experience at the Healthy Child event. She was gracious and kind enough to share it, and she has given us permission to repost it here. If you've any doubt how wonderfully kind Sasha Alexander is, this should put those doubts to rest.

Meeting Sasha Alexander.

I promised you all that I would make this post, and I’m sorry that it is so delayed, I just wanted to wait until the post would be a coherent retelling and not a jumbled mess of “fioewfjioewfewfwoifiw” and madness. Ahem.

So. Perhaps a month before the event, Sasha tweeted about the Healthy Child dinner, and I thought that maybe I could go. Until I realized that it would be some $500 to get a seat at her table. So I was sure that I’d just miss another opportunity. Until one of my beautiful twitter followers saw my tweets and said that she was already planning on making a donation, and that she would put her donation toward a dessert ticket. In the weeks leading up to the event, I told myself that I would not meet Sasha, because I was going to the dessert. I was still excited that I would even get to go to such a nice event, but I was adamant with myself not to expect to meet Sasha. I did not want to get my hopes hope. Anyway, the actual night of the event…

I was an absolute mess trying to get dressed, first of all. I had to get home and get a decent dress on and find shoes and my mother helped make me up and that was insane. Then I got to the hotel and I was early and nervous and didn’t know what to do. They opened the doors finally and I was standing still next to a table for a good while, with people treating me sort of like a piece of furniture (I essentially was a piece of furniture, I was just standing there and not moving an inch so people worked around me and took pictures of people like I was a tree they were standing behind). I was scared, I won’t lie, haha. But then one of the girls there called me over, because she recognized me. I joined a circle of Rizzoli and Isles girls and we chatted a bit, and I started glancing around. I looked over my shoulder at one point and out of nowhere, I see Sasha standing there, not 5 feet from me!

Okay. I freaked out internally. I’m dead serious, I was fairly composed by all outer appearances, but my heart probably jumped out of my chest. I just did not expect to see her there, and then she was right there and I turned around to the circle again and engaged in the conversation but I’m sure my eyes were as huge as planets and I couldn’t stop glancing toward Sasha. Then the girls decided that we would go over to Sasha’s little group and start talking to her. Just like that! They had spent time with her at the dinner, so they knew her a bit, and I was just very nervous, and we stood there and talked to her a bit. I introduced myself and shook her hand and probably mumbled incoherently because I was still quite nervous. Now, let me tell you that everything I thought of Sasha was cemented then and there. She is so kind and hilarious and she was talking to us like we were just some buddies and I was just so glad that she was so nice! I mean, I had a feeling that she was this down-to-earth, but I kid you not, she is one of the sweetest people ever! She introduced us to her neighbors, and they were very sweet to us, too. We talked to them, and with Sasha and Edoardo, and we all joked around with each other like nothing. I could not believe that I was there at that moment, it seemed a bit surreal. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never experienced something like that, and Sasha is just so gracious and receptive to her fans, it left me in a daze. Then, Sasha had to go away for a bit, and we all stood around chatting with one another. The girls that I met there were lovely, and I got to meet a few of my twitter/tumblr followers. They were so much fun, and this next part makes me very glad that they were there.

So, we were standing around and then we spotted Sasha. At the terrace garden where the event was held, there was a room off to the side with a little dance floor and music. There were hardly any people in there, and I guess we all decided that we should dance. Sasha, Edoardo, Nicki, Sasha and Edoardo’s lovely neighbors, and the girls all went into this room, and Sasha just started dancing with everyone right there on the dance floor. A few of us (including Nicki) just stood off to the side, because we’re not exactly dancing people, haha. I never dance, mind you, and I just stood there awkwardly for a bit, but then I processed everything in my mind and I kind of just asked myself: “When will you ever get another opportunity to dance with Sasha Alexander, Edoardo Ponti, their neighbors, and these lovely fans?” I mean, really, I decided right then that I didn’t care if I looked stupid, and I got in there and I was dancing with everyone, and Sasha was absolutely amazing, and she was doing these hilarious dances, and Edoardo was being hilarious, too, and everybody was just having such a great time. We convinced Nicki to dance for a bit (she’s a good dancer too, we joked about it though, haha), and we danced until about 11 when the event was going to end. Sasha and Edoardo and everyone had to go, and she went around hugging everyone and saying goodbye to us and thanking us for coming out. She told us that she really appreciated us being there, and I just loved her a thousand times more at this point. When she came around to me, she went to hug me, and I asked if I could have a picture. She (of course) said that I could, and she was super sweet, and she half hugged me for the picture. One of the amazing girls took the picture for me because I didn’t have a camera, and I was so glad because a phone camera picture would have come out rather wonky. I then told Sasha that I was only there because one of my amazing followers made a donation on my behalf, and she had the most sincere look on her face, I can’t even explain it. The way that she listened to each of us when we spoke to her, the look on her face, I felt as though she really cared that we were there, and she wasn’t just there because she had to be. Which, of course, I know that she was there because of her big heart and her support for the Healthy Child charity, and for that alone Sasha is already such an amazing person. Anyhow, she gave me another hug and she said goodbye, and then she went and said goodbye to the other girls, and she thanked us all for coming out. Nicki also came by and said goodbye, and she was also extremely sweet (not to mention hilarious, I swear the whole crowd was so gracious and kind and extremely funny). After everybody said their goodbyes, we danced a bit more, and I had to go home. When my family came around to pick me up, I got in the car and freaked out just a bit. I still really cannot believe that it even happened. I’m so extremely grateful and lucky that I was able to even experience that. It was one of the best days of my whole life, and a night I will never forget.
Thank you, Carla, for sharing. You're a very giving person to selflessly share such a wonderful experience, and we're very happy and excited for you that you were able to go! Everyone may find the original posting here.


  1. You have just confirmed everything I already suspected about Sasha. What a classy and gracious lady to show you all her appreciation and to make an unforgettable memory for so many of you. She makes being a Rizzles Girl worth it.