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Monday, November 21, 2011

Angie Harmon, Twangels, and Sharing the Love

(picture thanks to @boccadeee)

@3doorsfan, @boccadeee, @yankeegirl6128, @newski82, @iheartrizzoli, , and few others went to see Angie Harmon, Mama Twangel herself, in New York when she helped light the snowflake for UNICEF. They all had a wonderful time, and Angie was incredibly gracious. You could feel the love she has for her fans, and it is truly reflected back to her!

@3doorsfan was kind enough to provide an account of what happened that night. Please do not repost without permission. A wonderful thing has been done where these ladies allowed us to share in their moment. Let's respect that they were selfless enough to do that. :-)


“Hey kids, I will be lighting the #Unicef snow flake in NYC Monday nite!! If ur in the neighborhood come see me! Make a sign if a #twangel & I’ll come say hi & give u a #twug!!”

That little tweet from Angie Harmon was enough to kick my butt into gear and make the call to go to New York City. I ran out to the store to pick up my neon green and orange poster boards and big blue stick-on letters. Once home, I created my sign while talking to @Kris2813 on the phone and sending her pictures to get her opinion … after all, this was serious business.

(picture thanks to @3doorsfan)

Monday morning I gathered all my things, including my copy of the Rizzoli & Isles TV Guide I hoped to be able to have autographed, and headed out to catch a train into NYC. Easy commute, easy check-in, easy finding the location for the UNICEF Snowflake Lighting Ceremony - it all seemed … too easy. I was the ONLY Twangel there at the time I arrived … at about 3:15 p.m. Yep, just me and the set-up crew – and the security detail that was pointing out exactly which square of sidewalk I was allowed to loiter around.

After a few hours of trying to figure out where I was going to be able to stand once the ceremony actually began, I met up with@boccadeee, @yankeegirl6128, @newski82, @iheartrizzoli, , and their brother.

(picture thanks to @boccadeee)

Everyone was so nice and we united to stand together so Angie could see us in one big bunch. Security, having seen that we were there for a while and had signs, let us go to the front – just to the right of the section reserved for media and photographers. Not only did we have a great view of everything going on, but we could be seen from the top of the stairs and inside the church, which is EXACTLY where Ms. Angie Harmon was standing! We caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirrored doors of the church. Queue up the excitement and maybe just a little bit of squealing. And NOT just from us! Angie looked out, saw us and waved very excitedly. She touched her heart and blew kisses, honestly and truly touched that we had come out to show our support and to get to meet her.

She read our signs from the top of the stairs and I can truly say that I felt like when she read mine, we shared a moment. She pointed to me, smiled widely and I did the same in return. I’m sure the other Twangels in attendance feel the same happened when she read their signs!

At that point, the Broadway Kids Care Choir lined the steps of the church around the stage to sing a few Christmas carols (which, admittedly, it was a little strange hearing when it was about 63 degrees in the city), followed by opening remarks by the President and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, Caryl Stern. She spoke about the mission of UNICEF and the meaning of the Snowflake, which is a reminder of the commitment to keep striving for the day no children die in the world from preventable diseases.

Angie motioned to us that she had to honor all of her commitments to the UNICEF ceremony first but was adamant in reassuring us that she would indeed be over to greet us and the excitement level just exploded from there. Once Ms. Stern was finished speaking, she introduced Angie. Upon her introduction we all cheered pretty heartily and what was even more amazing, when she took the microphone, she acknowledged that “TWANGELS ARE HERE!” and pointed to us. She spoke about being honored to be asked to come and light the snowflake and what New York City meant to her, as well as what UNICEF does for children around the world. It was clearly evident that this organization is one very near and dear to her heart.

Angie introduced The Jersey Boys, who came out and sang a few Christmas songs from their soon-to-be-released holiday album. Again, as she waited on the side near the stairwell by where we were, she was again motioning to us that she would be over as soon as she was finished. When The Jersey Boys were finished singing, she took the stage with a group and we all counted down to the flick of the switch which illuminated the snowflake.

At that point, she came down the stairs and made a beeline right for us. It. Was. Awesome. She greeted us very warmly and my specific experience is one I will never, ever forget. It felt like she was greeting me as she would greet an old friend.

“I know who you are, get in here,” Angie said as she excitedly waved me in toward her with a huge, warm smile.

“I’m Doorsy!” I told her, most excited.

She extended her arm, smiled brightly and said “Hi baby,” and with that, pulled me into a very warm, enthusiastic hug – the kind where you rock side-to-side. And yes, I squealed. I never squeal, just so you know. I also told her that I had to hug her for a ton of Twangels and she loved that. She also said how it’s so nice to be able to put a face with the names she sees on Twitter.

“I’m so happy y’all came to see me!” Angie told us and then proceeded to start signing various pictures and signs. She was gracious and sweet, not to mention very funny. We even joked about her very famous “REALLY?!?” I jokingly said “Really, Angie, Really?!” and she said it right back to me and even signed a picture for me and put REALLY?!? in parenthesis. (This picture was given to me by @boccadeee once she arrived on the scene!) She also told us that Jane doesn’t really say “really?!?” a lot, but she’s changed that.

(Picture thanks to @3doorsfan)

Angie was gushing over us and told me she loves that we tweet her and to keep tweeting her. At one point, she was signing some pictures @boccadeee had brought with her to give to other people who were unable to attend. Angie couldn’t believe after all that she didn’t have one for herself and she said “God, I have the best people! I love y’all!”


(Video thanks to @3doorsdown)

She was even gracious enough to take the time to make a quick video message to her Twangels!


(Video thanks to @3doorsfan)

Angie’s people were finally trying to hurry her along but she really didn’t want to leave. She kept telling them to hang on and wait. I jokingly suggested that we should all go out for a drink and she replied “Where are we going?” As she was being ushered away finally she motioned to tweet her where we would be going for a drink! At least all of us thought that’s what she was saying! So we proceeded to tweet her a spot and it was a few hours later when I got a tweet asking “where r y’all?!!” Even though we had disbanded, we would surely have gotten right back out there to have a drink with Angie, however after another hour, she tweeted “Too sleepy … NIGHTIME Love yall” Guess the poor woman was exhausted after her very busy day!

Angie was so very sweet to all of us and so appreciative that we were there to see her. She could not have been any more gracious, kind, nice, attentive … the list of adjectives is unending. Suffice it to say this folks: Angie Harmon is a very beautiful person, both inside and out and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have met this very lovely woman.

(Picture thanks to @3doorsfan)


  1. Very classy, the way Angie treated all of you. Not many celebrities would do that. I do feel that Angie is a very warm person. And what a great cause to put her name behind. So happy all of you had the experience and extremely grateful for the gracious way Angie welcomed you all. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. Heya
    Wow amazing y'all so lucky to have met Angie... she is so kind and such a warm hearted person... Thank you for sharing your experience and i hope one day to get the same chance you all had :) @KellytheBrown on Twitter

  3. That is so awesome! What a great experience for you all. I'm so happy for you. Thanks for sharing!

  4. wow amazing, lovely
    thanks for sharing