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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TV Tango Exclusive Interview with Sasha Alexander

www.tvtango.com interviews Sasha.

TV Tango: Are you ever surprised by the continued success of RIZZOLI & ISLES?

Sasha Alexander: Sure. I think that it's an interesting thing, television. The most important thing for us is to continue making good shows and having people come back and watch it and enjoy it and take what they can from it. We're on that treadmill; so when you put it out into the ether and how people interpret it and take it and what they make of it is all great and the numbers just come out of that. But it really does start with us doing the work and doing stuff that we feel we're proud of, and leading the show in a direction that we want to put out. I think we really felt that this season.

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  1. "I keep telling Janet [Tamaro, executive producer] "Why can't Jane and Maura go dancing? They should go dancing." And Angie is a fantastic dancer as well; so put us two together and a little Beyonce, and we're ready to go."

    Excellent visual.
    Thank you Ms. Alexander.
    Can we all Twitter bomb Janet and make this happen. :)

  2. Can I just say I love this interview with Sasha. And in general, I love Sasha. She's so good to all her fans. And all this press ...
    Come on Ang, step it up.

  3. Gotta be honest. I'm not liking all the chemistry with Tommy talk. And depending how far it goes, I can see myself losing interest really fast.