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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sasha and Education

Sasha Alexander spoke with Forensic Teacher Magazine. It's a great interview focusing more on the educational and influential side of what Sasha does along with her thoughts on teaching and children and such. It's a side don't often see, and it's very interesting:

FT: That’s neat. Do you have any advice for students today who are stuck with a teacher who is boring about how to stay interested in something they know is important, but is really poorly taught?

SA: My feeling is, that’s kind of the way the world is. Not every job we have, or every situation we’re in is going to be up to the standard of being entertaining for us. But we have to make our way through it and, hopefully, look at it as a challenge to find a way to make it interesting for ourselves. To dig underneath the surface of things. Sometimes it takes a little bit more attention on our part to make something work. Maybe it’s going to the teacher, maybe it’s asking questions, and maybe it’s digging deeper. It’s certainly not giving up and chalking it up to it just being boring, forget about it.

Go check out the rest here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

AfterEllen on the Set of R&I

AfterEllen.com just posted a great article from their visit to the set of R&I. Check out these highlights:

“I think that a lot of people are going to project on it what they want but I’m not saying we didn’t help,” said Harmon, in her Jane Rizzoli outfit of fitted blue dress shirt with tight, dark slacks and ankle-high boots. “We knew it was there in the first [episode] and it was absolutely no surprise to me. I think it’s fantastic and fun and awesome as long as everyone is good-natured about it. There are some people that got angry that we weren’t [gay] and we found ourselves on the defensive, like 'I’m sorry! We didn’t create these characters. We’re just acting what’s on the page.’ It’s not our fault. If anyone wants to take issue with this, call Tess [Gerritsen, author of the book series that Rizzoli & Isles is based on].”

Harmon also added that any speculation on whether there is a sexual connection between the lead characters and if they could possibly end up together could only be seen as a good thing.

“First of all, to be successful in [this business] is a complete blessing and awesome and to get some icing on the cake and go ‘Are they? Aren’t they? Is this when it happens? Is this a dream sequence?!" Harmon said. "It’s fine! We’re actors. We’re storytellers and we put out there what these characters are and what they are written to be.”

Alexander, dressed in a form fitting wrap-around dress on the impressively huge kitchen set of Isles’ home, echoed Harmon. “I said to Angie today, even when you go on Twitter and people tweet about the subtext like last night — they find this subtext and I think the great thing about any great show is that people find subtext in so many things. And I’m not only saying, as in this particular case, ‘Oh my gosh, they have a deeper relationship! They could be gay!’ It can be anything that people find and view from relationships and from what they get from something. Art is subjective.”

Go read the rest of it here.

Review/Recap 2x03 - Butch in Progress

Great subtext review over at Butch in Progress:

This week’s storyline on Rizzoli & Isles: Maura tells random sailors they’re looking hot (we strongly disapprove, and so does Jane), Frost thinks Jane is looking hot (no one argues with that), Italian beefcake calls Maura hot (repeatedly - who would blame him)… while we (also more than once) just thought: Jane and Maura would make a hot couple (which clearly, the rest of the world is also thinking). So let’s dive right into the “Sailor Man” recap, which proofs once more subtext is not etymologically derived from the word ‘subtle’.

Go check out the rest here.

TVDeeva Posts Pics from Her TCA Rounds

@TVDeeva (aka Deanna Barnert) Did the TCA rounds, and look where she went!

If You Missed Sasha on Jimmy's Show Last Night

ABC's got your back.

From the interview:

Jimmy: And this is a show where they think you guys are lesbian partner's aren't you?

Sasha: You're getting right to it, aren't you? Well, yes, a lot of bloggers and critics and fans are speculating on our gayness.

Jimmy: And is there gayness?

Sasha: Well, here's my feeling: If you think that, you know, the characters have been known to sleep in the same bed and walk to the bathroom at the same time. And, if that makes them gay... *shrug* Right? *shrug*

Jimmy: Sure, yeah

Sasha: I mean, you know, I think that, you know everyone is a little bit more gay these days. Don't you think?

Jimmy: I know I am.

Sasha: Yeah! And, if you have best friends, best friends can be very gay.

Jimmy: Yeah, sure, absolutely.

Sasha: Don't you think?

Jimmy: Yeah, yeah

You ladies should really watch this. Sasha absolutely shines, and they talk about the drinking game. If we haven't shown our love of the ever gracious Sasha Alexander, let us do so now. Thank you, Sasha, for being wonderful as always!

Insider Video - "Sailor Man"

Tess's Recap

From the Mothership, Tess recaps 2x03:

It's "Fleet Week," when US Navy ships are in port and thousands of sailors invade the streets of Boston to sightsee and party. In the alley behind one bar, the partying takes a tragic turn when a young woman is raped and murdered. DNA from the rape kit zeroes in on one man in particular - a sailor who insists he and the victim had sex, but he had nothing to do with her murder. When a second rape-murder victim turns up in Boston, Jane and Maura realize they've got a brutal serial killer on their hands, and he may have been doing this for a long time in cities around the country. They hate to think he might be a Navy man, but the evidence seems to implicate the sailor they've arrested.

What I love about this episode is the glimpse we get into Detective Barry Frost's past. His father, a Navy admiral, tries to intervene on behalf of the accused sailor, and Frost coolly rebuffs him. That's when Detective Korsak realizes that his young colleague could really use a caring father figure in his life, and Korsak is ready to step in. "You are a damn fine detective," he tells Frost. These two men, who've had a prickly relationship up till now, may finally be bonding.

Meanwhile, Maura wades into serious romantic trouble when she hooks up with a sexy auto mechanic who has the animal attraction she craves. Unfortunately, he possesses the brain power of a skink. Only Jane can rescue Maura from Giovanni with the low-slung jeans. Sometimes girl power is the only way to solve the crime - and extricate yourself from a bad romance.

Recap/Review 2x03 - FemPop

FemPop.com reviews "Sailor Man", and we all smile:

So who doesn’t have time for Fleet Week? Rizzoli. Naturally. Her mother is for it as is Isles. But Rizzoli sends the sailors away and looks surly. Then her mom’s car breaks down and the sailors offer to push after they see R&I’s fabulous shoes. Oh man how irritated is Rizzoli with Isles flirting.

Go check out the rest of it here.

**Spoilers** Frankie Did What?!

The examiner.com has some spoilers on what Frankie's up to this season. Angela may love/hate this one:

“An old girlfriend of Frankie’s who comes into town…you know, Jane and Angela don’t like her very much, and she comes with a little bundle of something that’s interesting-- something that I might have had a little part in,” Bridges smirked, trying to play coy.

Go check out the rest here.

Angie and TCA

Just a little something from Nola.com. Angie admits her dorkiness to the TCA critics:

"I saw Harrison Ford today driving a Prius," she said. "I totally dorked out. You could see him recognize me recognize him, and he just gunned it. It was great. I physically frightened Harrison Ford."

Go check the rest of it here.

Happy Birthday, Janet!

Everyone wished her a happy birthday with many returns, right?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Snarker Reviews 2x03

Snarker just posted her review. Quick, run over to AfterEllen.com before Rizzles crash the server again!

Look, it’s sailors. Wow, this show really is trying to appeal more to gay men. Amid all the patriotic revelry, a man in very white pants does something very bad to a woman in very high heels. Welcome to Boston’s Fleet Week. Det. Jane Rizzoli is none too pleased with all the sailor boys making eyes at her Dr. Maura Isles. When one tries to flirt with her lady, Jane summarily shoos him away from the car saying Maura is “too young” for him. Too young or too gay? You say potato, I say too gay.

Check the rest here.

Recap/Reviw 2x01 - Ingrid Diaz

Ingrid Diaz has posted her recap of the first episode of the season. There some great stuff there and terrific screen caps:

Then we’re reminded that this isn’t actually a romantic comedy about a medical examiner and a clueless-yet-charming detective (although in my mind that’s precisely what this show is about) and is supposed to be, instead, a show about crime.

Go check out the rest. She's got it up in two parts: Part 1 Part 2

2x03 Pics!

The Mothership has posted pictures from last night's episode. We're reposting them here, but you can run over there and love them in their full glory!

Reveiw/Recap 2x03 - MormonLesbian

Fantastic screen caps over at MormonLesbian's site (and some fun reviewing, too):

First off, make sure to watch Sasha on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

*It's Fleet Week in Boston!
Which only means four things: "Punching out some scumsuckers, and getting drunk, and peeing out the window! Then seducing women! Lots of women!" (Name that TV show #1)
Unfortunately, this girl is about to get raped and killed (in case you forgot that there is supposed to be crime solving happening on this show...)

Go check out the rest, and, she's right, we should all be watching Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

A Little Twitter Review

Ladies, msanimanga has some really great recaps of tweets from our favorite twitter ladies. She's been kind enough to share them with us, and we want to share them with you.

Go check out the rest of it here.

Recap/Review 2x03 - The Examiner

The Examiner has a good review of last night's episode:

Tonight’s episode was another smash for Rizzoli & Isles. The case and the personal lives of the detectives and Maura were blended together well. Storylines were not rushed or forced like some shows. The writers took their time and managed to fit in Maura’s love life, Jane’s mother troubles, the case, and had time to give viewers a glimpse into the life of Frost.

Check out the rest here.

Review/Recap 2x03 - TV Fanatic

TV Fanatic.com has a great recap/review of last night's episode:

But the best part took place at the end, when Jane wrapped her arms around Maura's waist and tried to explain to Giovanni that, as he interpreted it, they were batting for the other team. Maura did say she loves Italians. And, hey, Rizzoli sounds Italian to me.

Your Thoughts On 2x03

Ladies, the big day finally arrived, and we heard many a fan girl squee last night. Now, we want to know what your thoughts were on last night's episode. Drop us a line in the comments section and tell us if you danced around giggling like a school girl at the end of this episode like some (read Liv) did.