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Monday, January 23, 2012

Angie Harmon on Hometown Today

Check out Angie's interview on 1/19 with Hometown Today anchor Philip Mitchell. The entire interview can be seen here.

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  1. Yea, this isn’t exactly the best place to put this, but at this moment I have no other forum to vent my thoughts in. Hopefully it’s okay.

    So… I’ve been doing some thinking. Now don’t worry. Yes, it hurt in the beginning, but once the thoughts got going it smoothed out. Now, I’ve been reading that people are disappointed in season two, mostly about Jane. Let’s just summarize it by saying that the general consensus from fans is that the writing in season two has been bad.

    As I said I’ve been doing some thinking and I have arrived at a conclusion. Either the writing this season has been less than great… Or the writers are geniuses. Let me try to explain. The number one issue about season two seems to be about Jane. She’s been a little meaner to Maura this time around and while some might have been justified as simple teasing or deserved anger, the small needles have been coming all season. Not only is her relationship with Maura a tad more… Let’s say abusive (Though it is almost too strong a word) but we also have Jane’s dating habits. Gabriel Dean and Casey Jones seemingly came out of the blue. (Really? I don’t see Jane hooking up with anyone whose name is “Charles”) And it’s not that she’s dating them so much as she seems to throw herself at them, way out of character for Jane.

    Now bear with me. These things could be view as bad writing. Or… They could be viewed as Jane struggling with something. Something big. Like feelings for another woman big. Yes, I’m saying that the gunshot somehow made her see that what she feels for Maura isn’t pure friendship but something deeper. And that scares the shit out of her. She doesn’t like another woman like "that”! Nuhu, not Catholic Rizzoli who probably faced some pretty serious dyke insults when growing up/becoming a cop. So she’s trying to distance herself from Maura, all the while unable to separate herself from her due to work and the fact that she does love her. She needles Maura, not unlike a kindergarten crush. She throws herself at men just to prove that she can’t feel like that about Maura. Look over season two with that in mind and it makes way more sense. It’s all there. A woman trying to deny her feelings by almost any means necessary. (That’s not saying that the writing is perfect anyway. No, they make mistakes)

    So yes. We can choose between feeling despair over sloppy writing or hope over sneaky writers running a long game when it comes to Rizzles. And between you and me? I do so prefer Hope.