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Monday, January 16, 2012

RizzlesCon Announces Ticket Sale Date!

Everyone, may we direct your attention to Rizzlescon.net so that you, too, may partake in the wonderful news of a ticket sale date!

According to the site:

We are pleased to announce that all tickets for RizzlesCon 12 go on sale on … Sunday February 19, 2012 at 8am PT / 4pm GMT ... On this date we will also reveal all official RizzlesCon 12 merchandise for sale.

Go check out the rest here for details on how ticket sales will happen. We're especially glad to see plans for merchandise as we feel there's not enough R&I oriented stuff out there. Who's excited?


  1. As of right now, the guest list includes the following people:

    Sasha Alexander
    Lorraine Bracco
    Tess Gerritsen
    Janet Tamaro
    Russ Grant
    Anthony Hardwick

    These confirmations are based on schedules permitting, but all of the above have agreed to be there barring something outstanding coming up.

    The convention is still working on obtaining confirmations from the other people involved with the show, and they’ll update the site and notify everyone whenever new people are added to the guest list. For a complete listing of confirmed guests, please check our website here (http://rizzlescon.net/talent/).