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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rizzoli & Isles: Embrace Your Inner Lesbian - Sabotoge Times

The Sabotage Times has a great article talking about the show and the subtext. In honor of the season two premier in the UK tonight, we think everyone should go read this article.

Cagney & Lacey, Quincy M.E and C.S.I, all top quality crime capers in their own right. Mix them together, add in a dash of Xena: Warrior Princess and you’ve got the highest rated cable channel show debut in America — Rizzoli & Isles.

TNT have aired two seasons in the US and season two premiers tonight on Alibi (Sky 132) at 10pm. Nestled in their listings amongst popular whodunnits such as Diagnosis Murder, Jonathan Creek and Inspector George Gently you’d be forgiven for skipping past yet another cop show in favour of a Come Dine With Me double bill. But Rizzoli & Isles is a cop show with a not so subtle difference.

Check the rest here.


  1. Really good paper. THIS is the best line :
    "I can’t pin down whether Sasha is a highly skilled actress or shameless flirt, either way, I’m convinced she could develop chemistry with a house brick if she was contractually obliged."
    Can't be more true.

    I was thinking they should have make them a couple from the beginning, and make the show interesting by showing how is it to work with your wife, especially when you have two really demanding job.
    Now, i don't want to see them in a relationship, it never works in a tv show when it happens long after the beginning of the show.

  2. "The lesbian subtext in done in a way that’s less ‘will they, won’t they?’ and more ‘oh they are totally doing it’."

    This was the best line of the article and totally sums up the show. That is what set R&I apart from the rest of the cop shows. Everybody sees it. Even the actresses know that their chemistry is off the charts. Too bad that Tamaro and the people in charge aren't taking advantage of it.

    But we still have season 3. Would it be ridiculous to keep on hoping? Well, ridiculous or not, I'm not giving up hope.

  3. Tess is a "saucy minx." Lol! And I love it.