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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

S3 Spoiler Arc Info

According to TVLine.com:

Eddie Cibrian is heading back to the present day with a multi-episode arc on Rizzoli & Isles, TVLine has learned exclusively.

In Season 3 of the hit TNT drama, the Playboy Club alum will play Dennis Rockmond, a handsome motivational speaker who meets medical examiner Isles (Sasha Alexander) in an unusual way, and then proceeds to coax her out of her blazer-clad shell.

Check it here.


  1. Well this is getting worse every day...I'm starting to wish that TNT cancels the show. It's ridiculous.
    A motivational speaker who's gonna help Maura solve her issues?God forbids Jane helps her, that would be too gay right?
    This show is dead.
    everything we learned so far from season 3 indicates it's gonna be worse than season 2

  2. This is awkward, but i kinda agree with celine about canceling the show. spoilers are just getting more awful and maybe they should just stop.
    I mean why on earth would anyone want to change Maura??? She's like a perfect woman with all her quirks and everything!
    We all know that only thing worth watching in this show is Jane/Maura relationship. It's called Rizzoli&Isles, not Rizzoli, Isles & random dudes..
    I just hope he'll leave really really soon..
    Forgive me if i don't make any sense, i'm just really mad right now

  3. Frustrating. So frustrating. So it's going to be Maura again flirting with men. Unbelivable. S1, i watched all the episodes. S2, i watched probably 8 or 9 episodes. I couldn't stand the rest. S3? I wonder if I will even watch. It's really not fun anymore. Actually, I'm starting to get bored.